Things you need to learn to become an expert coach  The technique of the Olympic Lifts How to teach technique How to assess an athlete’s technique How to use technology to assess technique Modification of technique according to individual characteristics How to improve technical performance How to provide feedback on […]

Things You Need to Learn to Become an Expert Coach

Making improvement is, of course, an important factor that motivates us to train, and train harder. Naturally people want to see their lifts increasing and a chance to register new personal bests on the platform. Ultimately, the only measure of improvement that will satisfy is extra kilos lifted. Basically, improvement […]

When Should I Expect Improvement?

A plateau, in the context of training, is a period in which an athlete appears to make no progress in personal best performances, usually across the board. In Weightlifting, a plateau might entail failing to achieve any measurable progress over a period of 3 months or more in the full […]

How to Get Through “Plateaus” in Training